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Discussion in 'The Jukebox' started by FadeLess, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. FadeLess Silver Belt

    Apr 8, 2016
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    Safety Net

    What is it that we seek
    What are we trying to keep
    And when the future seems so bleak
    Will we just let it end in a heart beep

    Can you miss your sleeping beauty
    And channel your inner black sheep
    No option is upkeep
    So i follow my duty

    Better days will surelly come
    Tho for others the worst will still unfold
    Sacrifice yours for some
    I cant, you see, im self told

    What is it the meaning
    Of survival of the fittest
    To prey on the weak and the needed
    Then one becomes a splittist
    If Hearts&Minds end freezing
    The dark, tho unwillingly, will be greeted

    We may need to build a wall
    But does it matter how tall
    If our strength is whats at stake
    How much are you willing to take
  2. FadeLess Silver Belt

    Apr 8, 2016
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    You run as if you walk
    My ancestors are long gone
    No time to chat, what is a talk
    I see, you´re an enlightened one

    I dont chase, i dont pursue
    My own future i take
    But does time get to you
    Isnt it our fate what we make

    Dont take me on a frame
    Im not on your train
    And im not the only one

    You´re strong, you´re your own sun
    When its hard, you´re not the one to blame
    Cause the others dont cause you pain
    For sure not for the fame, so its no shame

    Tho you play it like a game
    Its not like this is your end run
    The fact that you´re just a bum
    Stuck in your own plain

    But i have a handgun, and a shotgun
    Im not scared of you nor others like you
    Im no shortage of fun
    And im stuck to you as glue

    Although you think you are blue
    You´re chained to me more than im stored off you
    And your smirk gives you away, any day
    Have you thought it through

    Cause you cannot make me sway
    Well, its just a day, for me its a play
    In all the black and white i only see is grey
    But im sure you are my prey
    And i will have my final say
  3. FadeLess Silver Belt

    Apr 8, 2016
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    Waiting for a new
    day, remembering last year´s
    January, now stuck in my curfew
    thinking is this my anniversary

    Who coud see it
    coming, if our road is always
    new, shouldnt we be finding
    a fit phase to neatly praise
    but are you or we jew

    Does it rain there
    in your pier,
    Why are you running from here
    Hold on, Hold on , or step on

    Take my sister and my mom
    with you... wait,
    im not sure that this its just bait
    and im not leaving, how´s that for a clue

    the more i look behind
    the more i see myself
    or is it just a shelf
    of what is yet to come

    these days will soon be gone
    there will be a new dawn
    but will you at look yourself
    in a mirror thats allready draw
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  4. FadeLess Silver Belt

    Apr 8, 2016
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    Closed Out

    how many times have you drained
    or filled with sorrows my fountain
    there´s some one dissing
    or is there something missing

    maybe its all in my mind

    but i cant seem to change
    tho i have hope
    and tho i know i am alive
    i cant seem to catch the chance

    to know that im nothing but not a child

    ooohhh, grab a cigarette
    was it all you could find
    or maybe drink some whiskey
    in trying to change your thinking

    was it all you could try

    im trying to change your feeling
    or maybe im just dry
    or maybe youve started sinking
    into over drive

    ooohhhhh, come along
    if your thinking
    that this cannot be that strong
    on your own, you might be wrong

    by believing

    that you can save yourself with your tongue

    you must choose wich side to be forgiven
    even if you´re on your own
    our just maybe find relief on
    knowing that you´re not alone

    and changing yor life thru the sound
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  5. FadeLess Silver Belt

    Apr 8, 2016
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    May i have another glass

    i have a tendency
    of wanting to marry your own wife
    but to own such indencency
    does that show

    that you´re no friend of mine

    tho with time, that just shows
    that my frequency has allways been torn
    for a while, cause with my best regards
    ive learned to keep distance from what youve earned

    and from what ive heard

    there´s no such thing as a find
    and tho you may be searching
    for some time
    you wont find anything,

    thats supposed to be mine

    and this kinda of makes me thinking
    was it all a lie
    that deep way youve looked into my eyes
    and then asked me

    to strip away all my strides

    im finding myself in my shell
    which is no stranger of mine
    have you casted a spell
    or am i just reading the wrong sign

    and so there you have it
    another wrong boat for the tide
    ive kept roaming and roaming and roaming
    but is there a point

    for my mind to be jugling
    when there´s more to two
    two different tides
    cause when the blinds are open

    you´ll see youve chosen
    a completely different side
    of mine, and a wave to be readen
    in due time

    once again i have ridden
    away a sign i could find
    if i could only just get rid off
    of the code which in me resides
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  6. FadeLess Silver Belt

    Apr 8, 2016
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    New Wave

    a new tide will soon be here
    it will come to set us free
    stripped from gain or prejudice
    and it will take us all

    its not fair if it takes me
    for tied to vain i feel the pain
    so dont let this injustice come
    what must have i done

    we are not all one
    find a new way or we are done
    you are not sane ifr you´re alone
    and we´re mere peasants on this Stone

    we forget that this Earth of ours
    it is not really our own
    a mere place of birth and growth
    and cause we dont follow the same oath

    we´re the all dancing crap of the World
    how much paper you have doesnt define us
    we´re the scissors, we´re the virus
    and so, it needs a new rebirth

    its coming at you before you find a new way
    its coming at you before you find a new way
    so change now or it will catch you
    cause no matter what you do, it will match you

    Fire burns but you must heat
    Earth is home but you´re not alone
    Metal is hard so how far are you to be on par
    Water, tho we litter it, it keeps us alive, so which is the matter
    Wood is an internet meme, but are we really in childhood

    Gone out too far way to become right
    And tho im being somewhat conservitive
    Im not talking politics, those should be served a life time
    And time, time is not on our side, keep that in your mind

    Ghosts are a gnarling chase
    Go now before they find you again
    Go now before they find you again

    If you dont have ghosts we dont come from the same place
    We are not the same, nor do we have the same pace
    So this Earth needs a new place
    Cause we dont come from the same space
  7. FadeLess Silver Belt

    Apr 8, 2016
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    Free will

    Take a look in the mirror
    Have you found your way
    Or are you just a sinner
    With an inner repent in your veins

    You could seek a priest and confess
    So that he could tell you that there´s no secret fairy
    We all have our sways and that we all have bad our days
    So pray a couple of thousands hail mary´s and be on your way

    You must not regress but progress
    Dont get stuck on the memories of failure
    On what could have been but wasnt
    Maybe hold on to the ones of success

    Whos knows which ones made you a mess

    Have you gonne too far to become right
    Life is love, hate and fear
    No matter how much the road is clear
    You re in for a struggle, cause its gonna be a fight

    So wash your face
    As you get ready for another day
    For in your book of life you´ll fill another trace
    A man is made of habits, but ahead, there´s allways a new way

    I cant tell you what the future holds
    Maybe even God himself doesnt know
    Apart from your beliefs or your goals
    Life must not reach a plateau

    Cause your present ghosts from the past
    Or your old stories of success
    Will eventually be replaced if you progress and not regress
    Otherwise the best you had to see in life has passed

    They say God is within us all
    And with that i agree, you see
    Cause you can make someone fall to a degree
    But you can also brawl for others to stand tall
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  8. PurpleStorm Silver Belt

    Dec 20, 2016
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    That brightens my day. Thank you for sharing @FadeLess
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  9. FadeLess Silver Belt

    Apr 8, 2016
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    Thank YOU. :D
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  10. FadeLess Silver Belt

    Apr 8, 2016
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    More Than a Moment

    Who sent you here only for me to lose you
    Stop right there, i internally begged you to yell
    Ive just stared at you, what was i supposed to do
    Luck favours the brave they tell

    And thats one of the few mottos ive sweared to follow
    So how did i miss such a bliss
    Im left wondering why i feel so hollow
    When everything i wanted was your kiss

    Maybe its just me that i miss
    So why the hell didnt i followed my gut
    Why the hell am i feeling like this
    Perhaps because i really are a nut

    Or perhaps because this never happened to me
    You see
    I keep thinking what it could have been
    If i could only be me, like i know i can be and have been

    You invade my mind constantly
    Im a bum with nothing left to do
    And tho my window is closing certainly
    All i can see and foresee is you

    why ... why did you came to me
    and why didnt i go to you
    Its said that love is more than a gift or an art
    Perhaps thats why im feeling ripped apart

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