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Your Official UFC 200 Bets

Discussion in 'MMA Betting Discussion' started by EzFlyer, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. FimbulFightPicks Purple Belt

    Feb 27, 2016
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    Sorry for your lost Sham, I know those feels, ive had it quite alot the past months aswell when losing huge and being punished for chasing and going big. It feels terrible, but that feeling saves you money, everytime the "kick in th stomach" went away i made the same mistakes again and again until i made some rules to stop some losses.

    Is your unit size really £300? So you got £30000 to play around with? Do you do all this in one bookie or do you use several to mix your money around not just in one place?

    Also if i may say my advice, don´t get influenced by threads. i seem to always bet against all the threads, i did it with rothwell, i did it with hunt, with meisha, with thomas almeida and some others. and i just trusted myself and believed everyone else was wrong, and i made huge profits from betting the opposite and believing my gut feelings and my reasonings, despite everyone calling you a fool. i know now that I juut dont believe random people being influenced by other random people will know anything, if anything they only make the price worse, and time and time when i tried tailing bets i lost. Last time where i got very pissed was i saw many huge bettors in here was on patrick cote - i was on donald cerrone i was liek WTF are you guys on? But for the first time in many months i went against my own gut feelign and i felt terrible and i made a bet like veryone else saying cote was the way to go and he lost....lesson: trust yourself.

    ive lost more money on others mistakes than my own, so all i can say is dont get influenced by what everyone is on or not on. the majority is always with the favorites and they know nothing special to back it up. and its easy to get influenced by people betting huge money aswell, im baffled at some peoples bets.

    So trust yourself, you´ve done good previously, and al the threds are just full of other people whos been influenced imo, so many times i´ve made the better choice. My first time was when i started on sherdog and asked for advice about latifi or erick silva, and was told "erick was the safer bet" and it he lost, latifi won and i stuck by my gut. now that it has happened nearly 10 times in a row about me being right, i believe in myself more, and its easier to learn from your own mistakes.

    A bit long, but i know how you feel and just wanted to say how i´ve gone about it. hope you win on wednesday. I cant believe you have a near £30000 betting bankroll, how much of that is from betting profits?
  2. Shoulder #29 most average paid MMA bettor on Sherdog.

    Mar 21, 2016
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    I lost 1U, except for the monster parlays. Was down 15-20U before Aldo and Nunes won me back... I feel so stupid getting greedy with all the parlays instead of just playing them straight. Hopefully, lesson learned.
  3. Sham5916910 Silver Belt

    Aug 20, 2014
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    Im with about a dozen books try and spread my bets around.

    We had this the other week where we spoke about sticking with our guts and not letting this thread sway us too much and im definitely working on it. But it swings both ways. I had tunnel vision that hunt was going to win and ignored people itt saying dont be so confident as brock has a clear path to victory. Look what happened...

    Its all betting profits buddy i would never mess around with my wages for betting. Obviously my first ever bet was with wages but it was £40 and i built my br from there. Theres still three ufcs in July and im at Bellator next Sat so the aim is to put this bad taste completely in my rearview.
  4. buy1get1free White Belt

    Aug 4, 2006
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    40 pence into 50 pound, happy man

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  5. Dusty Trunks Green Belt

    Dec 13, 2009
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    Went hard for the biggest event in MMA history.

    Paid off.
  6. BluntTrauma21 Broner Brodie / Pulev Posse

    Aug 26, 2010
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    been a tough year for me too, don't worry man you'll get back on track. Not kissing your ass or anything but I've been on here for a long time and you're one of the best bettors I know. You always told me it's a marathon not a sprint, only takes one good event to get that hot streak back. I know it seems crazy right now but you can win as much as you lost in similar period of time if you go about it right. Just keep grinding my friend.
  7. null Gold Belt

    Nov 21, 2013
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    Picked a lot of fights wrong and had a lot of action on them, not much else to say. Sanchez, Assuncao, Hendricks, Edgar and a few others cost me a lot. Had a feeling Hunt & Tate could get upset and my hedges saved me from losing even more. Didn't even chase that much except a little on Anderson.

    UFC 200 Results

    Miesha Tate (-245) vs Amanda Nunes $490.00 for $200.00= -$490.00
    Amanda Nunes wins in round 1 (+575) $50.00 for $287.50= $287.50
    Miesha Tate wins in round 3 (+625) $25.00 for $156.25= -$25.00
    Miesha Tate wins in round 4 (+700) $25.00 for $175.00= -$25.00
    Miesha Tate wins by submission (+165) $50.00 for $82.50= -$50.00

    Mark Hunt (-165) vs Brock Lesnar $330.00 for $200.00= -$330.00
    Brock Lesnar wins by 3 round decision (+775) $50.00 for $387.50= $387.50

    Daniel Cormier/Anderson Silva Under 2½ (-150) $150.00 for $100.00= -$150.00
    Daniels Cormier wins by submission (+341) $50.00 for $170.50= -$50.00
    Anderson Silva wins in round 1 (+850) $150.00 for $1,275.00= -$150.00
    Live In-Play Anderson Silva (+1500) vs Daniel Cormier $50.00 for $750.00= -$50.00

    Frankie Edgar (-115) vs Jose Aldo $345.00 for $300.00= -$345.00
    Frankie Edgar wins by KO/TKO/DQ (+381) $40.00 for $152.40= -$40.00

    Travis Browne (+248) vs Cain Velasquez $100.00 for $248.00= -$100.00
    Cain Velasquez wins in round 3 (+1050) $25.00 for $262.50= -$25.00

    Julianna Pena (+155) vs Cat Zingano $100.00 for $155.00= $155.00
    Julianna Pena (+160) vs Cat Zingano $200.00 for $320.00= $320.00
    Julianna Pena wins by TKO/KO (+550) $20.00 for $110.00= -$20.00
    Johny Hendricks (+100) vs Kelvin Gastelum $300.00 for $300.00= -$300.00
    Johny Hendricks +3½ points ( -205) $205.00 for $100.00= -$205.00
    Johny Hendricks wins by 3 round decision (+197) $50.00 for $98.50= -$50.00
    Raphael Assuncao (+315) vs T.J. Dillashaw $100.00 for $315.00= -$100.00
    Raphael Assuncao +3½ points (+145) $100.00 for $145.00 = -$100.00
    Sage Northcutt wins by submission (+370) vs Enrique Marin $35.00 for $129.50= -$35.00
    Live In-Play Enrique Marin (+425) vs Sage Northcutt $40.00 for $170.00= -$40.00

    Diego Sanchez (-105) vs Joe Lauzon $210.00 for $200.00= -$210.00
    Diego Sanchez wins by 3 round decision (+170) $100.00 for $170.00= -$100.00
    Gegard Mousasi wins by 3 round decision (+187) vs Thiago Santos $100.00 for $187.00= -$100.00
    Jim Miller/Takanori Gomi Over 1½ (-145) $145.00 for $100.00= -$145.00
    Jim Miller wins by 3 round decision (+350) $35.00 for $122.50= -$35.00

    Mark Hunt wins Fastest KO (+520) $20.00 for $104.00= -$20.00
    Sage Northcutt wins Fastest SUB (+850) $20.00 for $170.00= -$20.00
    Julianna Pena/Cat Zingano FOTN award winner (+500) $20.00 for $100.00= Cancelled

    Jim Miller (-275) vs Takanori Gomi+ Gegard Mousasi (-250) vs Thiago Santos + Diego Sanchez (-115) vs Joe Lauzon + Sage Northcutt (-350) vs Enrique Marin $100.00 for $358.89= -$100.00
    Total Loss= -$2260.00

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